Military Appreciation Information

The Military Appreciation Directory is the official website, mobile application (iAppreciate) and print publication of the Military Spouse Life Association. We are 100% military service member/dependent owned and operated. Our humble beginnings started while in Alaska with the help of Alaskafy LLC which is also military service member owned. So our parent company is Alaskafy LLC.


Our mission is to seek out and find local businesses that show true Military Appreciation – Discounts and then add them to our publications and digital products so that the military can easily find them. Some businesses aren’t able to offer a discount however, show great appreciation, respect and care for our military and so these businesses are welcome as well.

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The Military Appreciation Directory is a social review community where both the military and businesses alike can make engage and make social connections. HOW IT WORKS?

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We encourage local businesses who show Military Appreciation to add their business to our publications and digital products so you can easily find them.


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Anyone can add a business listing to this directory – businesses or military. Let fellow service members know about appreciative businesses or get discovered as a business. MORE